3 Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company

There are three main qualities you should look for in a commercial cleaning company. These include communication and organization, problem-solving attitude, and insurance. These qualities of commercial cleaning service sydney will make your cleaning experience better. The following list will provide you with a clear idea of what to look for.


Communication is an essential quality for any commercial cleaning company. A company should be able to communicate with its clients and employees effectively, and its managers should be available to answer questions and concerns. This quality is vital because it helps to meet expectations and eliminate misunderstandings. The best companies have a system in place to communicate with their clients and employees, and this system should be easily accessible.

Whether it is verbal communication or written documents, clear communication is key. It should be evident at every step of the cleaning process, from handoffs to confirmations and follow-ups. Communication should also be two-way. If a customer complains about a particular aspect of a service, the cleaning crew should be willing to take that feedback seriously and follow up immediately.

Communication should extend to the contract itself. A good commercial cleaning company should understand the nuances of a contract and customer expectations. An effective way to solve such problems is to use a ticketing system. These systems allow you to track the progress of a particular task and send alerts to the appropriate managers. Ticketing systems can also allow for comments or information exchange between the parties.

A commercial cleaning company should have friendly, professional staff that can communicate well with your organization. A cleaning crew that is not able to answer your questions will be less likely to deliver a quality service. As with any other business relationship, effective communication creates a productive environment and a healthy team.

The best companies also have staff members that are capable of communicating with their clients. This will help build trust with clients, and repeat business is important. Moreover, good communication allows the company to keep its employees and customers informed of any changes to the physical environment or cleaning products. In addition, a high-quality commercial cleaning company will be willing to offer suggestions to improve the service.

Problem-solving attitude

Adaptability to change is a critical characteristic for employees of a commercial cleaning company. These employees are easier to coach and train than those who are resistant to change. Ask your potential employees to give an example of a significant change they have experienced in the past. If they can’t think of a change, they may lack this trait.


One quality to look for in a commercial cleaning firm is insurance. It covers your physical assets, such as office space, furniture, and fixtures, as well as cleaning supplies. You can also obtain property insurance for your equipment and supplies when leasing commercial space. There are two types of coverage available, actual cash value and replacement cost, which will protect you in the event of an accident. The former pays out for any damages and repairs at market value, minus depreciation. Replacement cost pays out for the cost of replacing an item, and usually has higher premiums.

The most important insurance for a commercial cleaning company is general liability insurance. It protects you from claims made by third parties for damage to property and injuries to people. It also covers legal fees if the company is sued. Most cleaning companies carry this insurance, since they frequently clean other people’s homes and businesses. Without the proper insurance, you could find yourself paying high court and attorney fees.

Choosing a commercial cleaning company that is insured is a smart decision. You can find insurance at a local agent, or you can search online. General liability insurance for a cleaning business costs an average of $350 to $730 a year. The coverage limits vary depending on the type of business.

In addition to having a valid license to operate in your state, a commercial cleaning company should also carry liability insurance. This protects you and your business against the unexpected and ensures that your property and employees are safe. Furthermore, a company that has liability insurance has regular employees who undergo training.

Inland marine insurance covers your company’s equipment and supplies. It is important to make sure your cleaning service is fully insured because these items will be transported from one location to another. If something happens to your cleaning supplies and equipment, inland marine insurance will compensate you for damages caused by that vehicle.

In addition to insurance, cleaning business should also carry a bond. This bond will provide your business with a safety net and a guarantee for your clients.