How to Choose the Best Search Engine Marketing Agency

The Search Engine Marketing Agency in Melbourne focus on selling their strengths. They highlight their past successes and how well they fit the job. You should trust the agency you choose and work with them as a team. They should be transparent and honest about your expectations and goals. If you feel unsure of your agency, look for the following qualities:

Avoid any SEO agency that is not mobile friendly

A mobile-friendly website is one that renders well on smartphones and tablets. No matter what device your website is being viewed on, your content will be presented cleanly. To make your website mobile-friendly, consider several factors. This includes both on and off-page factors. Google’s algorithm now heavily weights mobile-friendliness in its ranking algorithms. Not all SEO agencies make their sites mobile-friendly.

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The first thing you should do is make sure your website is mobile-friendly. According to Google, half of all digital traffic is now mobile, or on the go. This number can range from 25 to 60%. This makes mobile-friendliness a crucial ranking factor. On February 26, 2015, Google announced changes in how it ranks websites that are mobile-friendly. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it may suffer a drop in ranking.

Google’s mobile-first indexing also helps you get higher rankings. In addition to ranking higher in Google’s search results, mobile-friendly websites also display in their cached pages and on mobile devices. Without a mobile-friendly website, you will have a difficult time getting your content in front of mobile users. If you’re unsure whether your website is mobile-friendly, you can use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool to see if it’s compatible with mobile devices.

Avoid any SEO agency that is buying numerous paid links from unknown sites for rankings

While it’s very possible to get a high page rank with organic search, many small business units have had major keywords dropped because their SEO company bought insignificant paid links. Even big companies are buying such links, but they don’t always know who is buying them. That makes stopping link buying difficult for naive clients, who might have no way of figuring out where to turn to stop the gimmick. In fact, if Google removed these listings, the president of the company would lose his job.

Another sign of untrustworthy SEO agencies is the use of paid links. Google has been caught on to this practice and has since prohibited it for the reasons discussed. It is important to ensure that any SEO agency you hire isn’t buying paid links from unknown sites for rankings. Such links are often fake and don’t pass PageRank to the websites they link to. So, how do you spot the good ones?

Avoid any SEO agency that is not ethical

You can easily determine whether an SEO agency is ethical or not by looking at how they approach their work. While some agencies are upfront about the use of black hat SEO practices, many are not. Generally speaking, ethical SEO practices require a company to adhere to the SEO Code of Ethics. This document, though not an official document, does list specific techniques and approaches. As long as an SEO agency follows these guidelines, they should be fine.

An ethical SEO agency should conduct preliminary research. If an agency offers a cookie-cutter proposal without any research, run the other way. A dedicated account manager will walk you through the process and give you an idea of how the company works. If your SEO campaign is not going to yield results overnight, it is best to avoid working with an agency. It is important to understand how search engines operate, and ethical SEO agencies should be familiar with how the search engines work.

Ethical SEO is a key component to earning top rankings and building a strong brand. Unethical SEO can kill your brand and online presence. An ethical SEO agency will focus on the best practices of Google and the latest technologies. While many SEO agencies are reputable, you should still be wary of those who promise you the moon but then fail to deliver. They might even use hidden links and spinning copy to increase their profits.