The Best Cricket Bats For Professional And Casual Players

There are several types of cricket bats on the market. However, the following are the top cricket bats for both professional and casual players. Each has its own characteristics and benefits. This article will discuss what makes each bat a top choice. Listed below are the top three cricket bat brands for both professional and casual players. new mrf cricket bat is a renowned brand that has its headquarters in England. This company has been manufacturing high-quality cricket bats, shoes, protective equipment, and accessories for over 130 years.

SG Scorer Xtreme

SG Scorer Xtreme cricket ball and bat are ideal cricket bats for professional and casual players. The Kashmir willow construction offers a light weight. The blade is curved for maximum impact and the sweet spot is low and located for optimum power. The bat also features a padded full-length cover for protection and comfort. It’s designed for professional and casual players and has a 1-year warranty.

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SG Cobra Xtreme

SG Cobra Xtreme crickets bats have a traditional shape that offers maximum stability when playing shots. Its thick edges and curved blade provide power and balance. The handle is made from premium imported Sarawak cane and features a new Chevtec grip. It comes with a full-length bat cover with an adjustable strap. The Xtreme cricket bat is suitable for both professional and casual players.

SG Savage Xtreme

SG Savage Xtreme cricket blades are the perfect match for both professional and casual players. They are made from high-quality English willow and imported Sarawak cane. The handle of the SG Savage Xtreme cricket bat improves your control. The bat’s flat handle with no concavity helps you play ground shots. Its weight is approximately 1140 grams.

SG Sareen Sports

The SG Scorer cricket bat is a popular choice among both professional and amateur players. Made from Kashmir willow, it features a short handle and premium wood. Originally, Kookaburra cricket bats were popular among professional players in Australia. They have since been updated with features developed by Ricky Ponting. The Kahuna bat has a combination of light pick-up and tremendous power for maximum impact.


The M&H Cricket Bats F100 is the pinnacle of the company’s craftsmanship. Its pronounced bow and tapered toe offer excellent pickup for hitting to all parts of the ground. The M&H F100 cricket bat meets all the rules and regulations set out by the International Cricket Council. You can choose the length of the handle and wood quality, which means you can select a bat that meets your needs.


SG LE Cricket bats for professional and leisure players feature superior quality, durability, and performance. Made from premium grade English willow, this bat features a heavyweight construction with thick edges and a curved blade. Its chevtec grip ensures comfortable grip and improved shock absorption. These bats are available in a range of weights, from 900 grams to nearly one thousand grams.

SG Kaboom

SG Kaboom cricket bats are designed for both professional and casual players. It features a profile with massive edges and an extreme amount of power. The bat is also equipped with a semi-oval-shaped bottom hand that provides extreme comfort and control. This bat is also fitted with a padded bat cover. Regardless of what your playing level is, SG Kaboom cricket bats are the perfect choice for the game.

New Balance DC

The New Balance DC Collection is the bat of choice for many top international cricketers, including England opener Jason Roy and Australian superstar Steve Smith. It is a cricket bat with a unique blend of technology and tradition, designed for the modern-day stroke player. Its features include Low Swell, Large Edges, and Sweetspot. You’ll also find a selection of cricket accessories, including bat pads, gloves, and even a cricket bag.