Why Family Dentistry is Important for Oral Health

There are many reasons why Family Dentistry Glendale are so important for oral health. They can address the oral needs of patients of any age, from young children to adults. Children’s six-month exams are critical, as they can detect oral issues before they become serious. Moreover, pediatric dentists can help prevent tooth decay by offering fluoride treatments and dental sealants. These preventive measures can make a huge difference in the health of the whole family.


Preventative dental care is vital for good oral health. Early detection and treatment can help detect problems before they become serious and cost-prohibitive. Yet more don’t have access to dental insurance. In 2015, 29% of did not have dental insurance and that number climbed to 62% for older adults. Routine dental care isn’t covered by traditional Medicare, so many senior citizens lose the benefits they once enjoyed upon retirement.

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Regular checkups by a family dentist can prevent and diagnose issues before they become serious. In addition, regular exams allow you to see the same dental professional at each visit, which promotes continuity of care. Your family dentist also has the benefit of a complete medical history of your family members, ensuring that your dentist has an accurate diagnosis and plan for treatment. In addition, a family dentist can provide fluoride treatments and sealants if needed.


While general dentistry deals with one or two individuals, family dentistry covers the entire family’s needs. Unlike general dentistry, family dentistry encompasses all age groups and demographics. This type of practice is convenient because the dentist can schedule appointments for all family members at the same time. The benefits of family dentistry are many, including less time spent at the dentist. This is because family dentists provide comprehensive dental care for the entire family.

The importance of family dentistry cannot be overstated. A visit to a dentist is just as important as maintaining overall health. Early detection of oral health problems can help prevent oral infections and disease progression. Regular cleanings and checkups can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth. Regardless of age, a family dentist can make the whole process easier. Dental care is a must-have for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Setting a good example

Parents can set a good example by practicing a proper dental hygiene routine. Especially children are very quick to imitate their parents. By brushing and flossing regularly, parents can help their children develop good oral hygiene habits. Parents should also be willing to visit a dentist regularly as a way to get their children used to the idea. However, children are not yet old enough to understand the importance of regular dental visits.

Parents should also take their children to the same dentist. By doing so, children will learn to value the importance of oral care and be more likely to do it as well. Additionally, a family that has the same dentist will develop a good relationship with the dental professional. This relationship is helpful for both parents and children and makes dental visits less stressful for everyone. Also, by being consistent, children will start to associate family dentistry with being healthy.

Preventive care

When you visit your family dentist, you can choose from a wide range of preventive treatments that are important for the health of your teeth. These procedures include brushing and flossing, regular cleanings, and major procedures such as root canal therapy. Preventive dental care also promotes healthy habits and early detection of dental problems. You can save money and time by avoiding costly dental procedures later on.

In addition to providing preventive dental care, you can get regular cleanings and checkups. Preventive dental care promotes optimal oral health and encourages proper dental hygiene habits. Proper oral hygiene will decrease the risk of cavities and gum disease and may even help prevent other health issues. Without regular dental checkups, you could experience a wide range of oral problems later on, which can lead to tooth loss and more serious problems.

3M True Definition Scanner

Dental practices can use the 3M True Definition Scanner to create accurate impressions of teeth and gums. This revolutionary technology eliminates messy putty impressions and the need for multiple appointments. In addition to the accuracy it provides, the scanner is portable and will fit in your dental office’s budget. In addition to the benefits that digital impressions bring to your oral health, you can see your teeth and gums instantly in 3D with this advanced technology.

Dental imaging is an important part of any dental care plan. Having an accurate, 3-D image of your mouth and gums is essential to maintaining your oral health. 3M True Definition Scanners are more accurate than traditional methods, and they help your dentist develop an accurate treatment plan for your smile. Dental scans can be done on an individual basis, or at a routine check-up.